Mouthwash does it work?

Mouthwash does it work?

If you go to any pharmacy or super market you will see many mouthwashes on offer.

Most people think all mouthwashes do the same thing, but there are key differences you need to know!  There is the dental cosmetic mouthwash that mask bad breath leaving the mouth with a pleasant taster 

On the other hand, there is the therapeutic mouthwash that help preventing plaque and treat gum disease. There is also those that contain fluoride 

 So, the simple SWISH, GARGLE, SPIT – is not strictly correct. You need to understand why you are using the mouthwash to get most benefit.

We recommended that you only use credited mouthwashes that been subject to research and developed properly. However, simple salty mouthwash has its own indications as well. As with any product, make sure you thoroughly read the instructions!

It is Important to remember Mouthwash Doesn’t Replace Other Oral Health Habits!

Regular brushing and flossing are far more important than using mouthwash. Mouthwash is not a substitute for the more important dental care habits and diet control.

Some of mouthwashes contain high percentage of alcohol and long-term use may cause other oral problems. Whiles others may cause tooth stains!

For the best advice on the use of mouthwashes we recommend that you speak to our cosmetic dentist and hygienist. This is particularly important if you are suffering from gum -periodontal disease- or chronic halitosis – bad breath. Teeth cleaning is always preferred by our specialist hyginiest

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