Tips on what to do after root canal treatment in London

Tips on what to do after root canal treatment in London

Root canal treatment is a procedure provided to relive pain and save teeth. It is accompanied by such bad reputation. However, at London Smile Care we have special experience in delivering comfortable root treatments. 

Now you completed the root canal therapy, we recommend the following tips to our patients:

  • The immediate advice is to be careful while the area is still numb. It is recommended to delay eating and drinking till the mouth in normal again to avoid biting your lip, cheek or tongue without noticing.
  • Take the prescribed medications as recommended.   This will help with your smooth recovery. Pain killers help with smooth recovery. 
  • It is normal to expect a degree of discomfort post your root canal treatment. After all this procedure is micro-surgery. However, you need to keep on an eye on any developed swelling or extreme pain. Contact your root canal dentist specialist as soon as possible for an advice 
  • Once the root canal treatment is completed, you may have a provisional top filling. This is usually replaced by your restorative dentist by a core filling and sometimes a crown. It is important to watch what you eat avoiding sticky food that may dislodge the provisional filling.
  • Root treated teeth can be vulnerable to cracks and breaks. On many occasions we recommend the use of a crown to protect the tooth. Hence, it is important to avoid hard diet crunchy food and to use your bite guard in case you have a grinding or clenching habit (TMJ disease)

If you are not sure about any of the above and concerned about root canal complications, please feel free to contact us with any question. Our specialist dentist London will be happy to answer your questions and address any dental emergency

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