What is root canal treatment?

What is root canal treatment?

We all dread the thoughts of having Root Canal Treatment.

But what does it mean?

Root canal treatment London is a term often used in reference to a branch of dentistry called endodontics. It is a specialized area that focuses on the soft inner tissue of the teeth, commonly known as the pulp. 

When the pulp or nerve becomes damaged and infected, root canal therapy saves the tooth from having to be extracted. It is important to save teeth to maintain smile, function and to prevent other teeth from drifting out of line, which can then lead to TMJ problems. As well, by saving the natural tooth it prevents having to replace that tooth with an artificial tooth like having dental implant London.

The root canal treatment or endodontic treatment process is usually involves decayed teeth. 

Occasionally, root canal treatment is provided where no decay is present but when a tooth is cracked or break from a dental trauma. 

involves the removal of all tooth decay first. Then, any damaged, infected, or dead pulp (nerve) is removed from inside your tooth. The root canal system is that area of soft, dental pulp inside the tooth that’s made of nerves and blood, which is there to help your tooth grow and develop.

Root canal treatmentsgenerally involve the following procedures:

Your dentist will give you a local aesthetic. Then, a rubber dam is placed around the tooth will placed around the tooth to prevent bacteria from entering the tooth during the procedure and to protect you from the used medication in the process of tooth cleaning. 

After cleaning any present tooth decay, An opening is made in the tooth to reach the root canal system and the damaged pulp. The infected nerve is removed using specialized instruments.

Once the inner root canal system has been thoroughly cleaned, the canal is filled and sealed. A temporary or permanent filling is then used to seal the opening of the tooth

After the root canal treatment, the tooth will need to be restored to look and function the same as a natural tooth. For this, the cosmetic dentist may restore the tooth using cosmetic tooth coloured filling, a post or a crown.

You need to remember that root canal treatment does not cause pain…it help relieve the pain 

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