Where Can I have white dental implants in London?

Where Can I have white dental implants in London?

Search no more! At London Smile Care we provide wide range of the best and the latest inventions of dental implants in London. 

As specialist dental implant surgery some of our patients have special demands. This could be a concern with metal allergy or high aesthetic demands. Hence using the new tooth-coloured white SKY zirconium dioxide implant made by Bredent medical meets our patients‘ high demands on aesthetics and health.

The attraction of using this type of tooth implants that it comes in one piece i.e. the implant and the crown retaining post (abutment) are one piece. Hence no need for further surgeries. 

As the white implant is tooth coloured there is no problem of metal shining through the thin gum. In addition, the absence of metals protects some patients against undesired negative reactions.

The white implant material is strong enough to function on the front and back teeth.

If you have any missing teeth or thinking about having dental implants, please contact our implant specialist. We are happy to answer any of your questions

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