All on four dental implants Cost – Benefits & comparison to normal dental implant treatment

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All on four dental implants london procedure is available to provide substantial savings on the cost normal dental implant london.

Generally the procedure is saving time and it utilises the use of less number of implants. With no complicated bone graft London procedure, a saving of up to £6000-£7000 per arch can be made.

All on Four Dental Implants London Cost is CHEAPER THAN CONVENTIONAL DETNAL IMPLANTS: From £12,950 Per arch

All on four can be offered for a fixed cost, which includes all consultations, appointments, implants and cosmetic dental work in London.

What is the all on Four dental implants procedure?

This approach of replacing missing teeth and restoring arches involves the placement of 4 dental implants in the lower jaw and can be up to 6 implants in the upper jaw. The implants placed at a special angle to avoid the vital structures such as the important nerves in the lower jaw and the maximally sinus in the upper.

The angulation of tooth implant london also allows the use of a longer dental implant London that would provide a stronger anchor to the fitted cosmetic dental bridge.

On the surgery day, a provisional fixed bridge will be fitted allowing restoring the smile in one day. thats why they called same day teeth London


Does all on four dental implants work? 

The success rate of this procedure is comparable or much higher than conventional implant therapy.

This is for a number of reasons firstly that by avoiding bone grafting the success goes up as there is less to go wrong and secondly by using fixed bridgework instead of removable denture in the healing phase the implants are not subjected to undue forces and constant rubbing with the dentures.


How long they will  the implant last?

Well the answer to this question depends on maintenance as with anything. Dr Firas Daoudi, specialist prosthodontist and Senior Clinical Lecturer, recommend at least 6 monthly routine examinations after the first year.

Dr Daoudi happy to commit replacing any failed implant, where possible, for 5yrs subject to the patient having attended the regular reviews and maintenance visits as recommended.

What is the difference between teeth in a day and conventional dental implant treatment?

The conventional dental implant treatment London is based on placing the tooth implant first. After a period of healing 3-4 months, impressions of your teeth and implants will be recorded to process the making of the new tooth/teeth to be fitted over the implants.

IN some cases where there is a lack of adequate bone e.g. in the back of the upper jaw, a sinus lift London procedure will be needed with bone graft. This could delay the treatment by 6 months and can add additional cost to the implant treatment.

Teeth is a day London procedure depends on careful analysis of the available bone using the latest CT scan technology. Such investigations would allow assessing in great details the bone availability and any surrounding important anatomical location like nerves or the sinus.


This also would facilitate creating a surgical stent that will be used to place the dental implants in the exact required position and creates the final bridgework before even starting the surgery.

The all on 4 dental implants London provide an immediate transformation within a day. A fixed bridge will be fitted which would allow the patient to function immediately. This will provide a trial smile for the patient to assess that can be copied in the definitive bridge.

This provisional bridge can be replaced after few months (3-6 months) for a definitive cosmetic dental bridge London.

Conventional dental implants usually requires a healing period of 2-6 months before fitting the definitive restoration. During this time, the patients need to manage with no teeth or provisional restoration.


Can Everyone Have A Smile In A Day Procedure?

This dental implants London approach is specialised to particular patients who lost or due to loose all of their teeth in one or two arches.

Careful assessment will be needed to ensure adequate amount of healthy bone is present for implant.

History of smoking, gum diseases and uncontrolled diabetes can affect the long term success of the implant.

While other medications like radiotherapy to the jaws and intravenous Bisphosphonates can be a contraindications to such treatments.

Regular maintenance visits are strongly recommend every 4-6 months.

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