Another link between dental health, heart disease

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See your dentist to prevent a heart attack? Recently, the research journals and popular press have been pointing to a connection between oral health and hygiene and cardiovascular risk. Although there are several mediators, one stands out: periodontal or gum disease.

\The Journal of Periodontology reported that inflammatory effects from periodontal disease, a chronic bacterial infection of the gums, cause oral bacterial byproducts to enter the bloodstream and trigger the liver to produce substances that increase the risk of heart disease.

This is even true in patients who are without teeth. Did you know that ill-fitting dentures can create infection and inflammation throughout the mouth that can trigger a systemic effect? affordable dental implants london

This inflammation is measurable. A substance produced in the body called high-sensitivity C-reactive-protein (HS-CRP) is suspected to play a role in the link between gum disease and heart disease. This test is widely available from traditional labs. Sometimes, CRP is measured in lieu of HS-CRP. The difference? CRP indicates general inflammation while HS-CRP indicates arterial inflammation and increased risk for blood clots…Data from many studies have shown that long-standing, low levels of inflammation are at the root of most chronic diseases. Think of it this way: HS-CRP is the smoke . . . and it should put your physician on a search for the fire. affordable cosmetic dentistry london


Unfortunately, many adults become lax with their oral health as they age. Frequently, it is because there are no symptoms. We need to think of our mouth as a car, needing frequent oil changes (dental cleanings) and scheduled maintenance (dental exams).

How do you know if you have periodontal disease? The simplest way is to identify periodontal pockets using a periodontal probe. Your dentist and hygienist use such a probe as part of their initial examination as well as your dental cleaning visit. The distance that the probe goes below the gum line is a measure of periodontal damage. A normal measurement is 3 mm. or less. If you have pockets of 5 or more millimeters, these should be evaluated at every cleaning visit. dental hygienist london

While your physician and dentist are searching for the cause, proper Omega 3 supplementation and the dietary intake of healthy fats and oils has been shown to reduce HS-CRP. In addition, a low inflammatory diet, weight loss, exercise and other positive lifestyle changes have an impact on HS-CRP (inflammation) and other risk factors for chronic disease. If periodontal health is excellent, there are many other causes of elevated HS-CRP which should be investigated. These include vasculitis, cancer, bone infections, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes and autoimmune diseases….read more


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