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So, you have heard many good things about dental implant treatment for teeth replacement. You already know dental implants replace the tooth root in the jaw bone, giving you the most natural teeth possible. Your only problem is the idea of having to undergo implant surgery. 


Just know you aren’t alone; many people are unsure about getting dental implants fitted as they worry that it could be too painful. However, the procedure is usually pain-free and is the best option for tooth replacement, bar none. 


Sure, the procedure may be associated with some discomfort, but the positive outcome outweighs the negative tenfold. Read on to learn more about what to expect in an implant treatment plan.

How Many Appointments Will I Need?

Your implant journey can take anywhere from 3 to 15 months, depending on the number of implants required and if additional treatments are necessary. There are several stages to fitting implants:


  • first consultation
  • titanium tooth root placement  
  • a healing period
  • appointment to fit the replacement tooth


Occasionally, when less bone is under the tissue, it may be necessary to do a bone graft. This procedure can be uncomfortable, but numerous options help alleviate pain. 


Low bone density is typical of tooth loss. Dr. Firas Daoudi, your implant dentist, will discuss the best options for your needs. You will receive a local anaesthetic and the choice of IV sedation. During recovery, discomfort is managed with over-the-counter pain meds.

We Put You at Ease

It would be best if you didn’t feel apprehensive about having implants fitted. Our team reassures you from the first consultation. We discuss the best treatment options, outline recovery, and talk through any concerns you may have.


We advise you on appropriate aftercare to ensure your mouth stays healthy long after the procedure. We provide a comprehensive plan with a detailed schedule of appointments and milestones for your treatment.


As with all surgical procedures, there is recovery time during which the tissue heals and the body adjusts to the implant’s titanium screw. The recovery period depends solely on the patient, their overall and oral health, and the amount of work done.


Some discomfort is expected after the procedure and can be relieved with over-the-counter medications. In the rare event, you experience severe pain, seek medical attention asap and arrange a follow-up appointment at London Smile Care.

Cost vs. Benefit

Dental implants may seem overwhelming, but the small amount of discomfort will save you from a lifetime of painful dental problems. Having missing teeth can affect your confidence.


Missing teeth can limit your diet and cause havoc on the jawbone. Less chewing causes the jawbone to weaken and waste away. If there are gaps, teeth alignment can change over time. With substantial shifting teeth comes headaches, an achy jaw, and an inability to bite down correctly.


We know that implants can feel like a massive step, but the benefits outweigh the potential risks of leaving your mouth with gaps.


Dental implants in London are a routine procedure to replace missing teeth long-term lost through decay, accidents, or tooth extraction and should not be painful. They have the power to change your quality of life and, once fitted, can last a lifetime with good oral care. Dental Implants give you comfort, security, and confidence. Call our dental practice, London Smile Care, today!

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