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Good dental health may seem simple—just brush and floss regularly—but there is more to it, and knowing a few techniques will not only prevent cavities but also give you better breath and whiter teeth.iStock_000005539681XSmall

•  Pay attention. The most obvious thing patients forget to do is look at their teeth while brushing. The bristles should hit where the gum meets the tooth, so pull your lip out of the way for a clear view. And start with your back teeth: Most gum disease and tooth decay happens there, where it’s harder to see and reach.

•  Be gentle. I brush with just water and baking soda—it’s your technique that removes bacteria, not the toothpaste you use. Baking soda is also gentle: People think abrasive toothpastes will make teeth whiter, but they’re likelier to wear down enamel. (Fluoride, which hardens enamel, is a must. The water I drink is fluoridated, but if that’s not the case where you live, buy fluoridated toothpaste.) Electric toothbrushes are great if you can’t maneuver a manual brush.

•  Don’t stop at your teeth. Bacteria camps out on your tongue, so buy a tongue scraper or brush with your toothbrush from back to front. And check your flossing technique: The floss should make contact with the tooth as it goes under the gum.

•  Eat right. Hard produce, like apples, carrots, and celery, actually cleans teeth, and strawberries will make your teeth appear (temporarily) whiter. Likewise, anything that clings to teeth, like chewy candy or even pasta, will promote decay. Drink a cup of mint tea or chew fresh parsley to neutralize bad breath—I tried making a parsley mouthwash thinking I’d become a gazillionaire, but it only works when you eat it….read more

The above represent the author opinion. W recommend that you contact our professional dental hygienist who can clean the teeth and advice accordingly.

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