Teeth are made of different layers. The external layer is called Enamel and it is the hardest substance in the human body. Even with such strong hardness, enamel can be vulnerable to many attacks including acid attacks.

Enamel makes a protective outer layer and is the first line of defence against harmful acids and bacteria. However, unlike other parts of the body, tooth enamel cannot regenerate or heal. This means that once damage is done to the enamel, it cannot be repaired.

So it is crucial that we take best care of our teeth and to keep the enamel healthy. Here are few tips to help achieving this objective:

Be careful with what you eat and drink:

Acidic drinks like fizzy drinks and sugary food or drinks like sweets weakening and ultimately eroding tooth enamel. Calcium-rich foods and drinks, however, help to neutralize acids in the mouth and strengthen tooth enamel. You can find calcium in dairy products, dark leafy greens such as kale, soybeans, and sardines.

We recommend that you try to eat healthy and cut back on sugary snacks and drinks, in particular fizzy drinks. Such drinks are particularly damaging to tooth enamel due to its high sugar content and acidity. If you must drink something acidic or sugary, even fruit juice, use a straw and follow it with some water!

Drink plenty of water to stimulate saliva flow 

Drink water throughout the day to avoid dry mouth. In addition, rinse your mouth out with water after meals to get rid of food debris as well as stimulate saliva flow. Not only does our saliva contain antimicrobial agents that protect teeth and defend against bacteria, it also consists of calcium and phosphate that remineralize and build up tooth enamel.

Brush and floss properly and regularly

Regular brushing and flossing rid the mouth of plaque and food debris. When bacteria in the form of plaque is allowed to accumulate on the teeth for long periods of time, they produce acids that eat away at tooth enamel. Be sure not to brush too aggressively as this habit will weaken enamel over time.

See our cosmetic dentist  

Seeing our cosmetic dentist London regularly for checkups and out dental hygienist for your professional teeth cleanings are vital to maintaining a healthy mouth. When you come in for your appointments, we look for signs of tooth enamel wear, such as tooth grinding and cavities, and can help you get them under control early.

Should you have significant tooth wear, our cosmetic dentist London can protect the teeth and enamel using conservative technique such as dental bonding.

With this procedure no teeth drilling or anaesthesia is needed. Composite resin is used to protect worn enamel and help maintain the health of the teeth.

Do Your Teeth A Favour

Your tooth enamel works around the clock to defend your teeth. By following the above guidelines, you can return the favour by protecting your enamel from wear and erosion. Do you have any questions about tooth enamel? Feel free to comment below or send us a message on Facebook!

We’re ENAMELED with our patients! 

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