Cosmetic dentistry: five fascinating dental facts

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An apple a day might not keep the dentist away: Fruit may be good for your health, but it can often be bad for your teeth. Dried fruit, fruit juice and honey contain natural sugars that can cause tooth decay, while citrus fruits are high in acid and sugar which promote decay.iStock_000017507571Large

An expert from Birmingham City University has said that children under three should only drink water and milk, and should steer clear of fruit juices and squash.

“Much of children’s sugar intake comes in the form of sugary drinks. Drinking them from bottles and sippy-cups further increases the damage caused, particularly to the front teeth.

“Ideally children should be encouraged to move from a bottle to a cup from the age of one.”

It’s better to brush your teeth before breakfast, rather than afterwards Credit: Nick Ansell/PA Wire/Press Association Images

Brushing before breakfast is best: It’s better to brush your teeth before breakfast, rather than afterwards. That’s because the fluoride in the toothpaste will help to protect your teeth from the bacteria in your food, whereas if you brush your teeth after you’ve eaten, your toothbrush can actually erode your teeth further.

Baby toothpaste may not always be best for little ones: Some brands of baby toothpaste don’t contain enough fluoride – a mineral which helps reduce tooth decay. Dentists advise that parents should look out for kids’ toothpastes that contain at least 1,000ppm fluoride.

We all want a cosmetic dentistry dazzling smile, but teeth are not designed to be pure white. 

The whitest teeth whitening are not the healthiest: We all want a dazzling smile, but teeth are not designed to be pure white. They naturally yellow as we age, and although we should look after them, bright white teeth could be a sign of excessive fluorides or even calcium deficiency.

Tap water can protect against tooth decay: Millions of households have extra fluoride added to their tap water. The West Midlands has the biggest water fluoridation scheme in the UK, serving over three-quarters of the local population. This added fluoride has been shown to bring huge benefits in reducing decay levels….read more

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