Could grills ruin your teeth?

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Made famous by hip-hop artists in the late 1980s, grills are making a resurgence in Hollywood and everyone from Beyonce to Madonna have been rocking the decorative mouthwear.

But dental grills, which are usually made of gold and decorated with jewels, have been linked to a host of mouth diseases and even poisoning, warn implant dentist london… Ryan Lochte, Rihanna and Chris Brown invest in good quality grills, fans trying to emulate the stars often opt for low quality versions that aren’t fitted correctly, which can lead to oral issues later on.

Although grills may initially feel comfortable, ill-fitted grills can wear away at the tooth’s enamel and lead to painful toothaches and even headaches. With long periods of use, badly fitted grills can also permanently moving teeth into a new, unhealthy position.

Speaking about the risks, Bupa dentist Dr Lance Knight, told MailOnline: ‘Many of the grills worn by celebrities are clip-ons, so there is less risk of damage compared to grills which are permanently fixed to the teeth. The important thing is that they fit implants london cost

Just like crowns, dentures and bridges, if something is well-made by a professional dentist and it’s properly fitted it shouldn’t cause problems.

Bad move: Rihanna is a huge grillz fan, but ill-fitted grillz can wear away at the tooth's enamel and lead to painful toothaches and even headaches

…’There could be an increased risk of damage to your teeth if you were accidentally knocked in the mouth – for example if someone bumped into you while you were drinking from a bottle or cosmetic dentist london


‘Normally your lips would protect you, but if you had this bulky object in your mouth the grillz could cause damage to your gums or lips, particularly if they had diamonds or sharp edges. 

‘There is also a risk of jaw problems if the “bite” is not set correctly as your mouth would be propped open in an awkward position.

‘The clip-on fashion statement can also cause bacteria to build up between teeth, which can lead to infections in both the gums and teeth, which can lead to extensive tooth decay and the onset of gum disease.affordable cosmetic dentistry

‘This could well lead to needing root canals, dental implants, porcelain veneers or other reconstructive dentistry.

‘Worse still, if the grills are made from poor quality metal, they could well contain substances that are unhealthy and could cause allergic reactions.’…read more

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