Dental erosion problem exacerbated by curtailing of state coverage

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The problem of dental erosion caused by consuming acidic beverages is not a new one, but it’s now compounded by curtailed dental coverage for Medicaid-dependent Illinois adults and the fact that the Affordable Care Act has no mandate for adult oral health benefits.

Dental health coverage has remained steady for the majority of working adults in Illinois, but it has scaled back for the population dependent on Medicaid, according to Dionne Haney, director of professional services at the Illinois State Dental Society. “Up until affordable dental  implant london  July of last year, there were services covered by Medicaid,” Haney said of coverage of adults. “Since July 1, Medicaid will only cover emergency extractions.Dental coverage is provided for children under Medicaid, but most states provide no or limited benefits for adults, according to the American Dental Association’s Health Policy Resources Center. Under the ACA, states have the option to subsidize coverage for adults, but Haney said Illinois has no plans to cosmetic dentist london

An article published in the March/April issue of General Dentistry draws attention to dental damage and insufficient preventive care by examining three cases and comparing damage caused by heavy soda consumption to that caused by methamphetamine and cocaine use.

While the paper highlights the extreme case of a woman who consumed two liters of soda a day over the course of several years, many Americans are drink large quantities of acidic beverages like soft drinks, coffee, energy drinks, juices and sports drinks—all of which threaten to erode tooth enamel, especially in the absence of preventive measures like basic dental hygiene and routine checkups, experts say….affordable cosmetic dentistry london
Problems like cavities and erosion are not painful at first, so people do not seek immediate care, Van Kanegan said. “It’s going to be a silent epidemic until a person can act on it,” she said…best implant dentist london
According to ADA findings, since the early 2000s, the number of adults, especially low-income adults, who routinely visit the dentist has been steadily dropping…In 2012, Sicher said, Americans consumed an average of 701 eight-ounce servings of soda per person, or about 43.8 gallons. This is a decline from 864 servings, or 54 gallons, in 1998, he said…

“Kids with history of a lot of soda are not going to have the calcium reserves the need for their lifetime,” she said.

Sicher said government intervention to limit the amount of soda Americans can buy is unlikely.

“Consumers would prefer to have more information as far as what they’re drinking, like calorie counts,” he said. “But they don’t want to be told what they can and can’t buy.”…read more

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