Cosmetic dentistry and dental implants are a success even in patients with gum diseas

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The possibility of providing dental implants to patients with a history of chronic gum disease has provided hope to those patients. This allowed rehabilitation of the mouth function and smile by having cosmetic crowns, cosmetic bridges or cosmetic denture fitted.

A recent study looked at this issue of providing dental implants to patients with a history of gum disease in the Journal of Oral Implantology (December 2013, Vol. 39:6, pp. 737-742). They looked at long-term treatment for a patient with severe periodontal gum disease damage and diabetic.

Over the last decade many practitioners were in favour of replacing diseased and damaged teeth with dental implants. In particular, treatment of patients with periodontitis (gum disease) and inflammatory disease of ligaments and bones supporting teeth remains controversial because artificial tooth roots are more likely to fail.

Modern advances in dental implants with a rough, oxidized surface called TiUnite allows more predictable approach and less failure. However, it is crucial for the patients to adopt strict oral hygiene regime and regular maintenance visits with the specialist cosmetic dentist. Many implants are placed without complications.

They study also expect that by using cosmetic overdenture prostheses instead of conventional removable dentures, they will improve stability and function — and thus patient satisfaction.

The current article presented a case of a 51-year-old patient who had been in a motorcycle accident and has a history of herpes, hepatitis, insulin-dependent diabetes, and persistent recurrent tooth decay. The patient’s remaining teeth were comprised of fractured crowns and older failing implants. The surgeons removed all of his teeth and old implants followed by the immediate insertions of new instant dental implants and stabilizing overdentures. Provisional implants were used for support during healing. Five months later, the interim provisional implants and prosthesis were removed and fabrication of a final restorative prosthesis was initiated.

Despite the higher risk of implant failure because of his gum disease and diabetes, the patient’s implants have been in place for 12 years with no complications noted at routine checkups and cleanings. The patient has been instructed post-surgery in proper use of floss tape, deep-cleaning brushes, and an oral irrigator. His daily efforts to practice good oral hygiene improved his overall dental health.

In this case, the prostheses have been effective, predictable, and reliable. They contend that such positive results were only possible because the patient changed his home oral care, preventing plaque buildup and disease and regular check ups with the specialist implant dentist and dental hygienist.

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