Dental implants can bring a new start

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Hybridge dental implant patient Jennifer Stoltz remembers dental problems affecting her daily life for as far back as she could remember. Growing up with a family history of unhealthy teeth, Jennifer described skirting photographs and smiling with her mouth closed in social situations. Anxiety consumed her when she discovered she had left her house without denture adhesive before meeting friends.

While this source of embarrassment was once her most daunting hurdle, it became her strength when she realized her story was not uncommon from countless others in her generation.

“This can happen to everybody,” she said. “I’m a regular middle class person. It’s not just a category or certain kind a person who struggles with these issues. If you can get past those preconceived notions and gather information to make a non-emotional decision, this is the first step.”

As a 50-year-old mother of four, with her youngest ready to graduate high school, Stoltz felt it was the right moment to put her health first. When dental issues began to affect her speech, she knew it was time.

“It feels like a huge step in the right direction to make a decision to do this,” she said. “I’m moving forward out of fear of what the alternative is.”

After researching dental implant London options for four to five months, Stoltz said “Once I came to terms with the fact that this is what I really needed to do to get my function and confidence back, it was an easy decision from there. Then it became about the most important things to me and to evaluate whether the options and providers checked those boxes.”

In her research, Stoltz decided the comfort level with the dental implant dentist London and team was most important. “When I was seeking opinions, I was so fearful that someone might say, ‘How did you let it get this bad?’”

But Stoltz found the dental professionals to be positive and reassuring, reinforcing the notion that she was not alone. Stoltz valued the ability to find a implant dentist London who was sensitive to the fact that this was not only a physical process, but an emotional one.

She also appreciated the opportunity to speak to the implant dentist about her goals and objectives in the Hybridge consultation room with her spouse present. This helped them make informed decisions together, based on the options presented.

My biggest fears were cost and embarrassment—and both of those concerns were addressed in my first meeting. You’ve got nothing to lose to at least go to that first appointment and see what they can do for you,” she suggested.

After making the decision to move forward with a Hybridge full mouth restoration, Stoltz felt relief in reclaiming her health and confidence. Because she was in her 50s, she did not want to struggle indefinitely with dentures and messy adhesive. A permanent solution meant she could enjoy nutrient-rich foods, smile freely, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

“It’s almost like pressing the do-over button,” she explained. “You’re starting with a whole new mouth of teeth. No more root canals, no more dental emergencies on weekends — just a whole new start. I’m excited to begin and look forward to sharing my transformation throughout the process.”…read more

If you have any question regarding this type of dental implant restoration, please contact Dr Daoudi – specialist dental implant dentist London

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