Dental Implants, do I need them?

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A dental implant is, in simple terms, a replacement of missing tooth roots. Through the implant procedure, the oral surgeon or periodontist replaces a missing tooth by placing an artificial one called crown in its place. This crown is attached to the tooth roots with the help of a titanium screw, also known as a dental implant London. The implant acts as a strong foundation for the artificial tooth, and is fused with the jaw bone…

When do you need a dental implant?

Millions of people around the world lose teeth due to a disregard for dental hygiene leading to tooth decay, gingivitis and advanced periodontal diseases. Even if you have been regular with your brushing and flossing, you may end up losing teeth due to falls, injuries or accidents. In such situations, you need to replace missing teeth with cosmetic dentures, bridges, or dental implants London, as tooth loss has both an aesthetic and functional impact. Depending on your condition, you can have a single tooth implant, multiple tooth implants, or a complete set.

Apart from the basic need to replace the missing teeth, other reasons to go for dental implants in lieu of other procedures may be that:

  • – Dental Implants London are a more permanent solution to missing teeth as they have a much higher longevity than bridges or dentures.
  • -Sometimes people who have already gone for dentures may decide to get implants because of some of the drawbacks of dentures.
  • -If you wish to keep the neighboring teeth intact, implants are the best option as it does not require adjacent teeth to be reduced, as in the case of a bridge. Keeping healthy teeth intact is a better option considering long-term oral health.
  • -Implants function like natural teeth, and so taking care of them is a lot easier.
  • -Implants and  are the best alternative if you are missing a tooth in your smile line.

Your dentist is the right person to decide if you are a candidate for implants. Usually, if you have a good overall health, and your jaw has finished growing, you should not have a problem getting implants. In case you are a smoker, or if you suffer from uncontrolled chronic disorders like diabetes or heart disease, or if you have undergone radiation therapy in the head and neck area, your dentist will need to see your complete medical history, and then evaluate your candidature.

Dental implants have a very high success rate of as much as 98%, and with proper care, it is possible for implants to last a lifetime…read more

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