General Dentistry

At London Smile Care, our goal is to create healthy, natural smiles. But we handle more than just cosmetic dentistry! We work with you to achieve optimum oral health that will support you and your lifestyle. We also advise you on how to prevent future diseases ensuring long lasting smile.

Same Day Teeth

Oral Health check

As a gold standard provider of dental surgery in London we carry out a thorough oral examination and oral cancer check on every visit. We will provide you with a full report of the condition of your teeth & gums and any clinical findings. Prevention is better than cure.

Root Canal Treatment

smile-clinic-dental-implantsThis treatment may be necessary to save painful or heavily broken tooth. Dr Daoudi has special interest in this treatment. He uses the latest equipment and magnification loops and operating microscope to ensure comfortable, high quality results. You can have your treatment while enjoying your favourite DVD.

Cosmetic Crowns

Wide variety of crowns are provided ranging from full porcelain cosmetic crowns to gold crowns.

Cosmetic Dental bridges

Missing teeth can be easily replaced using a dental bridge, which is essentially a restoration that spans the gap between 2 teeth and supports a crown. Dental implants is the current gold standard to replace missing teeth.

Cosmetic Dentures

Dentures can be used to replace a full set of teeth or a few missing teeth and can be secured using a fixative or dental implants. Cosmetic dentures consist of a base that covers the gums and teeth that are set into the base. The base is made from a hard material such metal or acrylic that has been colored to look like gums. A full denture replaces all of the teeth in the jaw while a partial denture only replaces some.


Tooth extraction is the last resort. We will try to prevent tooth loss and will advise you on how to avoid this in the future.


If you are anxious or have dental phobias, sedation maybe required for your treatment. Sedation is offered so treatment is both painless and comfortable. It also allows the cosmetic dentist to complete the treatment quicker.

Hygienist & Gum treatment

It is crucial to maintain high level of plaque control and eliminate gum diseases. We will help you achieving health smiles and maintain fresh breath with our hygiene treatment. It is also crucial to maintain the health of your dental implants and cosmetic veneers.

Anti-snoring devices

Snoring affects large number of adults. It can place great stress on relationships, affecting the individual as well as the sleep of partners and family. One of the common causes for snoring is obstructive sleep apnoea.

The treatment of snoring or obstructive sleep apnoea with an oral appliance is safe, painless and effective. This treatment does not involve surgery. Furthermore it can change lives.

At Smile the dental surgery London we use specifically fabricated appliances (bite guard, gum shield, sleeping devices) to resolve your malocclusion and other associated problems.

Our treatment specialty includes dental implants using the best implants system in the market. We provide all aspects of advanced and complex aspects of dental implants including bone grafting and sinus lift procedure. Our success rate is excellent and we guarantee all provided dental implants for three years.

Different techniques of teeth whitening are provided including:

  • In-Surgery teeth whitening procedure.
    This can make your teeth several shades whiter in just over an hour. This popular lunchtime treatment is very relaxing and many patients choose to watch a movie during the treatment via our virtual vision DVD goggles.
  • Take-home teeth whitening
    This professional home whitening kit helps you keep on top of your whitening regime in the comfort of your own home.
  • Super teeth whitening.
    This involves a combination of the in-surgery and home whitening systems to give you the best long lasting whitening results, there is a discount offered with combination treatment.

Smile makeover using cosmetic veneers and cosmetic crowns is provided to the highest standards at Smile Clinic. Dr Daoudi a specialist cosmetic dentist with special interest in using combination of treatments including dental implants, cosmetic veneers and clear braces for optimum results.

Having straighter, longer, shorter and whiter teeth are now all possible using the latest techniques and highest quality materials including mercury free white fillings and cosmetic veneers.

We are proud to be dedicated to the nervous patients with our calm and caring approach. We also treat all aspects of TMJ, joint and bite problems, root canal treatments (nerve problems), endodontics and gum diseases.

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