Root Canal Treatment may be necessary to save painful or heavily broken tooth. Underneath your tooth’s outer enamel within its core is an area of soft tissue called the pulp, which contains nerves and blood vessels. Root canals are small channels that extend from the pulp chamber down to the tip of the root.

When the pulp becomes infected with bacteria following damage to a tooth, the root can die and the infected pulp causes pain and discomfort.

Root canal therapy involves clearing out and sterilisation the infected tissue and pulp and its replacement with a special sealing material to prevent further infection.

Here at London Smile Care in London we use the latest techniques for the disinfection of deep root canals and the latest Nickel Titanium rotary techniques, apex locators, operating microscope and warm condensation for filling.

Dr Daoudi is a specialist prosthodontist cosmetic dentist operating in London and former associate specialist in restorative dentistry including endodonitcs, has vast experience with root canal treatments.

At the London Smile Care all endodontic treatment is carried out in a pain-free manner to ensure that your treatment is as comfortable as possible. You can have your treatment while watching DVD of your choice or listening to your favorites music. Sedation is available if needed.

Same Day Teeth

Other aspects of root canal treatments include apicectomy.  An apicectomy is the removal of the tip of the root (i.e. apex). This minor surgical operation is required if infection persists after root treatment, or if the dentist is unable to seal the root tip with a normal root filling. If the tooth can’t be saved we recommend the use of dental implants to replace any missing tooth. London Smile Care dental surgery London provides wide range of this type of treatments including cosmetic veneers and dental implants.



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