Case 1 -Dental Implants:  Immediate or Delayed Placement

dental implantsA patient was referred to Smile Clinic, dental surgery London complaining of heavily broken UL5. The tooth had a history of failing root canal treatment with fractured retained post for 3 months (Fig 1).

The prognosis of the tooth was poor and the patient was advised by Dr Daoudi, specialist and cosmetic dentist to have the tooth extracted. The patient was presented with different treatment options to manage the resultant gap


Case 2 – Root Canal Treatment

A challenging case of an extremely anxious 36-year old patient who was referred to Smile Clinic dental surgery London and seen by the specialist, Dr Root Canal TreatmentDaoudi cosmetic dentist, for assessment and treatment of LL6 and LL7. Both teeth were heavily broken with signs of separated instrument in each tooth (Fig 1).

Different treatment options were discussed with the patient including complex root canal procedure, the need for complex restorative procedure to restore the teeth and the possibility of extraction and the provision of a replacement in the form of a bridge or preferably dental implants. The patient main goal was to save the teeth.


Case 3 – Endodontic

The patient was referred to smile clinic, dental surgery London for the management of chronic problem and the fit of dental implants and teeth Endodontic Treatmentwhitening. He was attended by Dr Firas Daoudi, the specialist and cosmetic dentist. The patient has been complaining of vague discomfort on the right side of the face.

The pain lasted for few months and radiated to upper and lower teeth, TMJ and the right ear. At one stage there was suspension of trigeminal neuralgia.


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