Don't Wait for Your Face to Swell!

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There is a phrase that advisors in personal finance love to use. It’s usually used in reference to someone in dire straits financially. “… .When you’ve dug your way into this huge hole of debt, the first thing you need to do is stop digging!”

About 80% of the patients who come to see me come complaining of a ‘hole in the tooth’. This in ‘dental speak’ is known as a cavity, which is more often than not caused by a disease called dental caries.

Dental caries is the formation of cavities in teeth by action of bacteria. These bacteria form acids in the presence of sucrose, other sugars and refined starches…creating a cavity.affordable dental implants london

The cavity will then become a ‘food trap’. This means that now you have more food debris in this ‘hole’ leading to more bacteria action, hence the cavity getting bigger and deeper.

There are three major stages of dental caries: The first stage is when the outermost layer of the tooth crown known as the enamel, is affected. This is usually painless and will mostly be detected by the dentist during routine dental checkups. Treatment is a simple cosmetic dentist london

The second stage is dentinal caries. Here the decay has reached the dentine which is a sensitive layer of the tooth just under the enamel. The patient here will react to sweet things mainly hot and cold eats/drinks may begin to cause discomfort in the tooth at this point. In the majority of these cases a simple filling suffices but occasionally cross over into the third stage without warning.

The third stage is pulpitis. Here the decay has reached the pulp canal in the middle of the tooth where all the tooth nerves are centered. This stage comes with excruciating pain. There will be lack of sleep, lack of appetite and occasionally headaches all due to a painful tooth. Unfortunately most people will visit a dentist at this stage or when it progresses to a swelling on the affected side of the face. Treatment will be either an extraction of the bad tooth or having Root Canal Treatment london (RCT) done…read more

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