Fizzy drinks ‘just as bad’ as crack cocaine

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A new study suggests diet and regular fizzy drinks are just as bad for your teeth as crack cocaine and meth….The study1 discovered that a woman in her 30s who drank two litres of diet fizzy drinks daily for three to five years experienced tooth decay remarkably similar to that suffered by a 29-year-old methamphetamine addict and a 51-year-old habitual crack cocaine user.

Methamphetamine, crack cocaine and fizzy drinks – both diet and regular – can cause similar dental problems, the most common of which is dental erosion. Methamphetamine and crack are known to severely affect the mouths of users, while frequent consumption of sugary drinks increases the risk of tooth decay.

Besides exposing teeth to damaging acid, these illegal drugs reduce the amount of saliva in the mouth, providing less opportunity for the acids to wash away. affordable dental implants london Previous studies have linked ‘meth mouth’ with a number of diseases that are increasingly associated with poor oral health.
The key part of this research is the fact the damage was caused by frequent consumption of fizzy drinks. This is exactly the message the Foundation tries to make the public aware of.

“Cutting down on how often you have sugary foods and drinks is one of our key messages, and this research highlights the possible damage not following this rule can cause.

“Every time we eat or drink anything sugary, teeth are under attack for up to one hour. Saliva plays a major role in neutralising acid in the mouth, and it takes up to an hour for that to happen. If sugary items are constantly being consumed, the mouth is constantly under attack and does not get the chance to recover.affordable cosmetic dentistry london

“The increase in consumption of sugary drinks is one of the key reasons for dental decay, particularly in children. The tendency to sip on sugary drinks and constantly graze throughout the day is one reason why improvements in oral health in the UK have slowed down…read more

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