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When you have a missing tooth, the best way to rectify the problem is to get an implant. It is one of the most long-lasting methods, the other methods could be a bridge, wherein the gap left by the missing tooth is cosmetic bridged by an implant and the third could be dentures. Since implants look natural, do not harm other teeth or involve daily removal like dentures, they are the most popular.
Aesthetic dentist … says, “Implants have become dentistry’s leading option for replacing missing teeth. Their placement involves minimally-invasive techniques, and have a success rate higher than any other tooth replacement system. If given proper care, they can last for life.”
The fact that they look just like natural teeth is one of the most important reasons to get an implant. She adds, “Implants can help restore natural chewing function.” If you have a missing tooth, for some reason, you should not delay getting an implant. Implant Dentist  suggests, “It’s best not to delay the procedure as the missing teeth might cause bite alterations and could lead to other teeth shifting.”
When it comes to having permanent and natural-looking teeth, implants are the best bet, states dental surgeon… “Implants have most longevity and they can range from around `20,000 to `1,00,000 approximately, depending on the quality, the part of the city it is being done and other factors.”…suggests choosing an implant that is universal, because, “Sometimes parts of it are not available everywhere.” Here are some points you need to know before you go for one… read more  

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