How can cosmetic dentistry fix the following seven common dental problems?

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At the age of over than a million selfie is taken daily, one can not ignore the importance of own smile on self confidence.

Indeed in a recent survey over than quarter of Brits are not happy with their smiles.

Cosmetic dentistry London can be the answer to boost your confidence and fix the following common dental challenges:

1- Crooked Teeth:

It is not uncommon to have crooked teeth. This kind of a problem tends to increase with age epically with the lower anterior teeth.

Crooked teeth can be unsightly, making dental care difficult and tend to accumulate plaque and stains.

At London Smile Care we offer Invisalign London (invisible braces) to resolve this problem.

Invisalign works well for adults at different ages. It help straighten your teeth in natural and discrete way. We offer finance payment options to assist with such treatment.

2- Stained and discoloured teeth:

There are many causes for stained teeth including external stains e.g. diet, smoking, red wine…etc

The other possible causes are internal stains e.g. Tetracycline stains.

The most common dental cosmetic procedure is teeth whitening London. You have the option of at home teeth whitening procedure. Alternatively, In-Office whitening technique can be the answer for a quick and instant results. Please contact us for further details.

3- Chipped teeth:

Such a problem can be caused by bruxism, trauma, eating habits.

Cosmetic Dentistry provide the answer in the form of dental bonding London.

This conservative procedure will replace the missing and chipped parts of the teeth. It is popular with our patients and provide immediate fix to this problem.

4- Unsightly metal or discoloured fillings:

Metal fillings in anterior teeth can ruin your smile making the teeth dark. Even in posterior teeth they may show while smiling.

There is the additional concern of mercury in amalgam.

Cosmetic Dentistry London solution is to use tooth coloured bonded restorations. In case of large restorations, porcelain or composite inlays or onlays can be the answer to rejuvenate your smile and to eliminate the mercury concern with the metal fillings.

5- Missing teeth:

There are many causes for missing teeth. Decay, trauma and even congenital factors can all lead to missing teeth.

The state of art tooth replacement is Dental Implant London.

Dental implant is a special screw made of titanium secured in the jawbone with surgical procedure. Once healed, a tooth can be fixed to the implant providing replacement to the missing teeth.

Nowadays, immediate dental implants can provide instant tooth replacement. Furthermore,  in selective cases all on four dental implants London can be used replace the entire teeth in one jaw. This is called smile in a day London.

Unlike removable dentures, the fitted bridge is fixed in place and does not need any denture glue. Boosting confidence and restore your function.

Please contact Dr Firas Daoudi for specialist opinion regarding your case.

6- Gums problems

This an be in the form of gummy smile, enlarged gum or even the opposite with receded gums.

In most cases, there will be a need to provide professional gum treatment and teeth cleaning London.

In some cases surgery may be needed to re-contour the gum eliminating any enlarged parts with crown lengthening london procedure.

Alternatively, gum graft London can be provided to cover any exposed roots replacing missing gums. This can be eliminate unsightly black holes between the teeth and stop tooth sensitivity rom exposed roots.

 7- interdental spaces – gaps between the teeth:

Cosmetic dentistry can help resolve this issue using combinations of cosmetic dental veneers, dental bonding, Invisalign braces or combinations of the above.

Cosmetic dental veneers London can mask any stained teeth, change the shape and position of teeth and close any gaps.

They are predictable technique for a smile makeover (Hollywood smile) with an average success rate of 15 years.

Please contact use fee further information regarding your own case. Dr Firas Daoudi, specialist prosthodontist and senior clinical lecturer in Cosmetic Dentistry will be happy to answer your questions.

Please feel free to contact us on our website or social media FB or Google+

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