How dental trauma or fractures can affect you

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Trauma or injury to the teeth can cause various problems. It may cause your teeth to fracture, injure the tooth supporting structures and/or tear the soft tissues. A tooth may be broken, loosened, displaced or even knocked out resulting in pain and discomfort. The direct and indirect effects may end up interfering with eating and speech. Your appearance and smile may take a beating. You may even lose your tooth.

Not always due to physical accidents

Though trauma to teeth is usually due to accidents or falls, it doesn’t always need to be. Even habits like tooth grinding or clenching can fracture, chip or wear down your teeth and put excess force on the tissues supporting the teeth ultimately causing bone loss.

Not always frank fracture

In some cases, trauma to the teeth may not always show up as a physical fracture. They may not even be visible to the eye. If you feel sensitivity when you eat or drink something hot or cold, pain or difficulty while chewing or notice a change in the colour of the tooth, you could suspect a dental hygienist london

Depending on the degree of injuries to the supporting structures of teeth (bone and gums), the teeth may either be only painful while chewing or may be ‘mobile’ or unstable. It could also be displaced from its position (it may appear longer or shorter than normal). At times, the tooth/teeth could be entirely lost or ‘knocked out’ of its socket as a result of trauma.

Immediate treatment and care can save the tooth

A best cosmetic dentist london will assess the effects of the trauma and the treatment will depend on several factors some of which are:

  • Was the trauma acute (like a fall or road traffic accident) or chronic (habits like grinding the teeth)?
  • Did it involve only the tooth/teeth or its supporting structures too?
  • Did it involve only one tooth or several teeth?
  • Was the fracture superficial (like a chip involving only the outer layer of the tooth) or deep (involving the pulp or nerves and blood vessels of the teeth)?

If the tooth fracture is superficial, it may just require a cosmetic restoration with a tooth-coloured material. If it is deep and involves the pulp, it may require a root canal treatment london and subsequently a cap or crown.

If the supporting structures are involved and your tooth is painful while chewing or slightly ‘mobile’ but not displaced, it usually does not need treatment. The dentist may monitor the condition of the tooth pulp for at least a year.

If the tooth is displaced… it may be stabilized with a flexible splint for up to a couple of weeks to relieve the pain and improve eating ability.

If the tooth is displaced into the bone or is intruded (looks shorter than normal) or slightly out of the socket or extruded (looks taller than normal), it may need repositioning with orthodontic treatment or surgery.

When a permanent tooth is knocked out immediate action is needed. affordable dental implant london If the tooth is clean put it back into the socket, bite on a clean piece of cloth and visit you dentist immediately for further treatment. If the avulsed tooth is dirty, gently and briefly rinse it under tap water. Place it back into the socket or store it in the cheek. If you are unable to do so store it in milk and seek treatment immediately. Your dentist will splint the tooth and may prescribe antibiotics. Root canal treatment may be done after a week. If the tooth is not re-planted within the first 30 to 40 minutes after the injury the chances of saving the tooth would be very poor.

Good oral hygiene is important for good healing following an injury to the teeth. A soft and room temperature or cold diet is advisable. Smoking interferes with the healing and is best avoided…read more

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