Can you put a figure on your face worth?

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Claudia Schiffer once had her face insured for $5 million. Actress America Ferrara’s smile is insured for double that, a cool $10 million. So if you’re a celebrity, it’s probably possible to accurately value the worth of your face in dollar terms. However, for the rest of us mere mortals who don’t need income protection against chipped teeth and runway stacks, the idea of valuing something so unique, so personal, and so much a part of who we are is tremendously awkward, not to mention difficult.

The importance of your smile is well proven. It is not just a symbol of happiness that makes us attractive it can also change mood, relieve stress boost the immune system, lower the blood pressure and lifts the face making us look younger.

However, many avoid smiling and feel ashamed of their smile because of the condition of their teeth. Indeed, missing teeth and gaps, crocked teeth, chipped, discoloured yellow teeth, old fillings or crowns and poor gum can all stop us from smiling.

Simply, the key to a vibrant and glowing smile is to have healthy teeth by avoiding cavities, taking care of your gums and practicing proper oral hygiene. But, what do you do exactly to protect your pearly whites?

Brush your teeth at least twice a day with toothpaste, especially after breakfast and before bedtime

, floss everyday

, visit your cosmetic dentist London regularly

. You can also ensure a few other habits for better dental health. These include: 

An overall healthy diet.

However if there is underlying problem, you can always contact Smile and Dr Daoudi specialist and cosmetic dentist London to discuss different options to improve on your teeth and gum health and smile.

Missing teeth can be replace using the latest state of art dental implants London. We use immediate instant dental implants London. We also offer our patients the all on four dental implants London technique.

We also offer the best of cosmetic dentistry London. This can varies from cosmetic smile makeover London, cosmetic veneers, cosmetic crowns and cosmetic dentures. So contact us now

Smile Clinic for general and cosmetic dentistry London with specialist in dental implants London, cosmetic veneers, smile makeover, cosmetic dental bridge and cosmetic denture. Bite and TMJ treatment London and root canal treatments London are also provided by specialist cosmetic dentist London. Check out our special Dental offers dental implant cost london, same day dental implants london same day teeth using fast and fixed all on four cheap dental implants London


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