How to protect your smile and teeth during Halloween?

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It is this time of the year again with Halloween …

Time for fun and spooky flying witches with lots and lots of consumed sweets.

The nightmare on the street will be for the poor teeth that will be bombarded by sugary foods and drinks, which can wreak havoc on our smiles.


IMG_0520In order to survive the sugar attack, dental specialist, Dr Firas Daoudi have some advice to get people through the season:


When it comes to Halloween “Everything in moderation”

We know that all kids (and many adults as well) like to have sweets and candy. However, it’s important to have the right balance in relation to dental health and the fact that kids want and like treats.


Caution is needed and not total elimination of sweets over Halloween.

So careful monitoring of how much kids consuming of sweets and how often per day is crucial.

Try to do just one piece after lunch or maybe one after dinner.


The kind of sweet can be important as well. Sweets such as chocolate candies aren’t the scariest thing out there. Sticky sweets or candy like toffees tends to cling to the teeth significantly longer than chocolate with more harmful effect.

Using sugar free chewing gums can help reducing the harmful effect of such treats.


No matter what the treat is parents should make sure their children are properly brushing their teeth.

Up until children are around 8 or 9 years old, parents should supervise the process.10371269_1015203011830554_8476106644648475259_o

Regular visits to the dentist for children checkups is important too.


It’s not just cavities people should be concerned about. The same chewy and sticky candies that can cause tooth decay can also damage fillings or crowns.

Beyond Halloween, the next few holidays tend to be a time when people are more flexible in the types of foods and drinks they consume. Parents might be more inclined to treat their children to sodas or other fizzy drinks.

Children aren’t the only ones at risk of those drinks. Adults too

Many of those drinks are sugar-rich and even those that are sugar-free can cause significant damage of tooth wear due to their acidity.

A good rinse with water (not sparkling) straight after consuming them is recommended.

The holiday season might also mean adults drink more alcoholic beverages such as wine.

Anything like wine is more likely to stain your teeth. And anything with added sugar will more likely cause more decay. But, again, it comes back to moderation.


In addition to drinks, the whole family might be exposed to a variety of treats people deliver for the holiday season.

So, take a few and maybe pass along the rest.


You can still enjoy Halloween and the holiday season and even have treats and sweets as long as they don’t go overboard.


Dr Daoudi, cosmetic dentist, invite you to join London Smile Care scheme of sweet swap and trade your candy and get a prize.

Enjoy the holiday, have fun and look after those pearl white teeth and gorgeous smile

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