Immediate dental implant helped replacing my front tooth

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I have fractured my upper front lateral tooth. Over years, my tooth had a root filling. This made it more brittle and started to get darker till it suddenly broke.

My dentist informed me that I need to have the tooth extracted and referred me to London Smile Care for an immediate dental implant.


Dr Daoudi, specialist dentist, explained to me that I have a number of options to replace the tooth once extracted including the use of a cosmetic denture, fixed dental bridge and dental implant.

However after my visit to London Smile Care and having an examination and X-ray taken, I was told that I could have immediate dental implants.


Dr Daoudi record molds of my teeth and prepared a tooth to replace my damaged one.

On the arranged day, I had my fractured tooth extracted, dental implant was immediately placed and a tooth was fitted all in one day. Even better, the tooth I had looked better to my own.

There was little discomfort with the procedure and I was back at work the following day.



Dr. Firas Daoudi of London Smile Care – specialist prosthodontist – offers wide range of general and specialist dental treatments.


Dental implants treatment at various complexity is provided including same day teeth, instant dental implants, all on 4 dental implants, bone grafts gum grafts and sinus lift procedures.


Dental implants are special screws made of titanium. They are placed through surgical procedure in the jawbone. Once healed they become fused preserving the jawbone from receding.

It provides the best long lasting option to replace missing teeth.


The philosophy of London Smile Care is about changing lives to the better.

“Same day teeth gives people the ability to eat, talk and laugh… it is about allowing our patients to smile with confidence.” Dr. Daoudi said.


Dr Daoudi, specialist prosthodontist with 20 years of experience with dental implants. He undertook extensive training in the field of restorative dentistry and oral surgery including prosthodontics, endodontics and dental implants.

Dr Daoudi focuses on soft and hard tissue reconstructive surgery, which includes placing dental implants, smile makeovers, sinus bone grafting, regenerative bone grafting and gum grafting, traditional extractions and socket preservation procedure.

He worked at a number of hospitals in the UK and undertook advanced training in the US and Europe.


Dr. Daoudi is a mentor training dentists and surgeons across the country on advanced techniques for dental implant placement and restorations.

Find out more about what we can offer by visiting our website at or call our clinic on: 020 7486 4861


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