Is There Any Health Benefit Of Having Dental Implants?

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Having a missing tooth or teeth can result in many health effect including your ability to function, enjoy food, speech impairment, your appearance and confidence.

Some of the sequences of losing teeth is: tilting and drifting of the adjacent teeth with possible supra-eruption of the opposing ones into the gap.

This can disturb the balance of the bite resulting in TMJ problems and possible overloading of the remaining teeth.

It will also create areas for food and plaque to collect leading to teeth decay and gum disease.

Furthermore, collapse of the cheeks into the space will result in cosmetic & functional problems – esp. increased incidence of cheek and tongue biting.

How Best To Replace Missing Teeth?

There are many options to replace missing teeth including the use of removable cosmetic denture, Fixed dental bridge and dental implants London.

Nowadays the popularity of dental implants London has increased with the marked advances of the used materials and techniques.

Tooth implant come with high success rate over than 90% over many years of service especially if the treatment was provide by an experienced dental implant dentist London.

Dental Implants Can Help Retaining Dentures

Dental Implants work similar to teeth they can be used to support individual cosmetic dental crown, fixed dental bridge or even as part of treatment to support a removable cosmetic denture London. This is more economic treatment option when compared to dental implant bridge like all on four dental implants or smile in a day.

The latter will eliminate the need for the denture glue stopping it from sliding and dropping while chewing and improves the chewing ability of the patient with less gum coverage i.e. less irritant to the supporting gum.

So having such dental implant supported denture is more secure and provide better chewing ability.

Dental Implants Preserve the Health of Teeth

The use of dental implants eliminate the need to prepare and cut healthy teeth. In fact every time a tooth is cut there is a chance of causing damage to the nerve and may result in root canal treatment London.

Dental implants preserve the health and integrity of healthy teeth.

Dental Implants Stabilise the Bite And Eliminate Unwanted Teeth Movement

Dental implants London once placed they stabilise the bite and stop any unwanted teeth movement. On many occasions immediate dental implants London can be placed at the same time as the teeth are extracted. In selected cases a tooth or a bridge can also be fitted to restore health, function and cosmetic appearance.

This will help stabilise the bite and reduce the chances of developing bite problems or having cosmetic complications.


Dental Implants Preserve the Health of Jaw Bone

When tooth is removed, it is common for the jaw bone to lose density in the areas where teeth used to exist and to shrink in size. This can lead to some future problems with difficulty for future implant placement that may need a complex bone graft or gum graft procedure.

This loss of density can lead to changes in the shape of the face, such as a sunken look or even a shortened jaw. A reduced bone density can also cause the loosening and loss of other teeth. The open area of the jaw where the tooth was removed can also be a problem area that is prone to becoming infected and developing other health problems.

Dental Implants London can stop such complications from taking place. This is especially the case with immediate dental implants that help preserving the bone from shrinkage keeping the jaw strong and the implant stable.


Dental Implants Boost Confidence

Missing teeth can affect one ability to function, speech and smile. Dental Implants can be the answer to replace teeth with normal function and smile


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