Post Dental Implants Care & Precaution

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Dental implants represent the next best option if you are struggling with missing teeth or extremely badly damaged teeth which are extracted and then implants are placed. It doesn’t matter where you get your implants- overseas or at home- you still need to pay attention to the following aftercare tips: cheap dental implants london

Right after dental implant surgery

-for the first 24 hours after surgery, make sure to drink iced water. If your teeth are too sensitive than just drink refrigerated water. This will help keeping the inflammation at a minimum Best cosmetic dentist london

-after any type of dental surgery, not just dental implants, it is forbidden to consume any hot foods or drinks. Eat your meals cold if possible, or kept at room temperature warmth. The same should be true for drinks.

-for about 2 weeks following the dental surgery, you need to consume soft foods. Avoid chewing hard and sticky foods using your teeth which have undergone surgery. Soft foods are very good for digestion too, and it will not be difficult to prepare nutritious food which is soft and healthy (mashed potatoes, natural fruit juices, vegetable purees, etc.) affordable cosemtic dentistry london

-dental hygiene regimen rules: always start using a new toothbrush after the surgery, to avoid any contamination with bacteria from your old toothbrush. Also, you are not allowed to use toothpaste only after the sutures are removed. best implant dentist london

-keep the surgical wound clear at all times. To do this, you should rinse your mouth with pure water of flavored water after each meal. Repeat the procedure up until you feel there are no food particles left in your mouth. Food particles that remain stuck between teeth or anywhere near the surgical wound can create nasty infections.

While you still have you temporary crown on

-never eat or chew sticky or crunchy foods because you don’t want to deteriorate the crown or allow food to penetrate between the crown and your gums

-never chew food on the side where your have your temporary dental crowns on. affordable dental implants london

-the temporary crowns can break or dislodge easily, so you need to stay away from hard raw vegetables, candies, popcorn, nuts & seeds

-if you use the dental floss, make sure not to lift it abruptly as you usually do. Instead, pull the floss at the sides in order to cleanse in between the teeth. If you lift the floss you might easily dislodge the crown from place…read more

Theabove represent the recommendations of the author

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