Problems After Dental Implants?

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Any treatment and procedure involves risks and problems. More invasive and drastic procedure would mean higher risks of problems from occurring. This is true even for dental implants.

We all know that dental implants involve a complicated procedure, strict and careful post-operative instructions, and follow up check-ups. All of these are needed to ensure success of the treatment. As a matter of fact, studies have shown a high success rate for the dental implant procedure. Although there is still a small percentage in which problems and complications could occur during and after treatment. These problems must be immediately addressed to prevent further irreversible and permanent damage.

It is to note thatsome individuals are more susceptible to these complications. Patients who lack bone support or have inadequate bone height, have oral habits like grinding, smokers, and patients who are medically compromised (patients who have diabetes mellitus, bleeding problems, and a like) will have a higher risk in developing problems.

During the treatment procedure, osseointegration or adaptation of bone to the dental implants could fail. It would take months before bone adapts and fuses to the foreign object, the post. It is considered a failure when the post is mobile and if there is more that 1mm bone loss after a year of placement. Failure of osseointegration is attributed to incorrect positioning of the post, inadequate bone density, insufficient blood supply, and too much force on the post.iStock_000023646673XSmall

It is normal to experience bruising, swelling and a certain degree of bleeding after surgical placement of the post. There could also be pain and discomfort after surgery. The surgeon would give necessary post-operative instructions and medications to minimize these effects.

Problems and complications are not just limited during the treatment. It could also occur months or years after the procedure. Here are some of the problems that may occur after dental implant treatment.

The most common problem of dental implants is infection. The infection around dental implants is called peri-implantitis. The risk for infection increases when intraoral appliances such as dental implants are placed. These intraoral appliances provide niches for bacteria to grow. Bacteria would grow in number when the person has a poor oral hygiene. That is why prior to any oral surgical treatment or installation of an intraoral appliance, assessment of the oral hygiene must be done. To prevent infection from occurring after placement of the dental implants, one must perform proper oral hygiene. Proper oral hygiene includes tooth brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits.

Another problem of dental implants would be fracture of the post or surrounding bone and dislodgement of the dental prosthesis. The cause of this problem would be excessive force and pressure on the post, incorrect direction of force, incorrect placement of the post, weak bone support, and poor crown to root ratio of the post. Treatment for this problem would vary depending on the extent of damage.specialist implant dentist london If the bone fracture is too big, placement of plates may be needed. For fractured post, removal of the post is needed.

Problems on esthetics could also occur. This could include not proportionate crowns, black triangular spaces in between teeth, and wrong tooth shade. Luckily, there are modern gadgets that render a 3D image to give a better and accurate picture of what the final dentures would look like.

The best way to avoid these complications and problems would be doing a proper pre-operative assessment of the bone status as well as surrounding structures. Remember to consult and discuss with your dentist any concerns you have….read more

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