Teeth whitening is very popular procedure…Indeed, it is the most common cosmetic dental procedure delivered in the world.

There are many causes for teeth discoloration including age, diets and habits like smoking. Tooth whitening is a safe way to make your teeth naturally fresher and brighter. Our smile is very important, after all – teeth are one of the first things people notice about us.

How does teeth whitening work?

The active components in the whitening gels are either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The mechanism of tooth bleaching is brought about by a process called oxidation and it is this process which alters the organic yellow pigment in the dentine of the tooth to whiten it.

Is there any risk with teeth whitening?

Tooth whitening London is completely safe. The used gels are a neutral pH, which means that, unlike the acidity of fruit juice that damages enamel, the gels pass through the enamel and safely work on colour of the dentine.

Does it hurt?

Some patients may experience a degree of sensitivity during the whitening process. Because of the oxidisation process, oxygen levels within the tooth are at their maximum after day three. Sensitivity then improves and resolves once you have ceased using the whitening gels after a day or two. There are various products that your cosmetic dentist can advise you to use to help reduce sensitivity.

How is the product applied?

We offer wide range of teeth bleaching including At-Home techniques. This can be applied during the night or day. Custom-made trays are made, which sit tightly and comfortably around your upper and lower teeth. Gel is then placed in the trays and you wear them for a period of time in the day, or overnight.

Typically At-Home teeth whitening takes 2 weeks to achieve the desired results.  

Alternatively, we offer Enlighten system which is a combination of Home whitening and In-Office technique. Other systems involve using different techniques including a special activating light or Laser. 

Teeth whitening does not work on teeth with large fillings or crowns.  People who have extensive and already-visible white spots on their teeth may not be able to whiten their teeth as the spot could become even more noticeable. 

Because there is insufficient evidence to suggest teeth whitening is safe while pregnant, we advise that you wait until after your baby is born.

We usually expect to see results to last between 3-5 years. It may vary subject to diet and habits. 

What is teeth whitening cost?

Home whitening costs in the region of £370 for both upper and lower teeth. Power whitening / Enlighten system is approximately £650, including trays to use at home and In-Office. Please check our offers on teeth whitening 

Who can carry out teeth whitening?

In the UK, it is illegal for anyone other than a dentist or dental hygienist/therapist to whiten your teeth. A legal limit on percentage strength of whitening gels has been set at six per cent hydrogen peroxide, or 16 per cent carbamide peroxide. At present, cosmetic dentist must not use anything stronger.

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