The latest celebrity bling? Now there’s a mouthful

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It’s some comfort to know that the ancient Romans did weird things with their teeth, too. Back then, they whitened them using urine. It had something to do with the ammonia. specialist implant dentist london

Now, though, the cultural history of teeth – our oral narrative, as it were – has a new, bold chapter: mouth bling.

At the recent MTV Video Music Awards, there stood Katy Perry, baring her blinged-out teeth for the cameras. In gold and diamonds, her custom-made, removable grill spelled out ROAR, the name of her new single. (The trend gives a whole new meaning to drooling over expensive jewellery.) In her leopard-printed outfit, her hair in a tail and her lips pulled back to reveal her ferocious teeth, was Perry making some ironic statement about the celebrity jungle, where attention is food and people will do anything to get some? Well, it’s probably more accurate to say she was not being ironic. It is a jungle, and you die a quick death if people aren’t tweeting about you.teeth clean london

Consider the number of celebrities sporting grills, helping to push the accessory once confined to men in the hip-hop world into the mainstream. Madonna, always game to do anything to get attention, appeared recently with a golden mouth. “Don’t hate me. Hate my #grillz,” the 55-year-old tweeted. (She knows that, even if people think she’s a little too, er, long in the tooth to be trying so hard to look hip, they’re still talking about her. dental hygienist london It’s just unfortunate that her grill made her teeth look yellowed in an unhealthy, medieval sort of way – not the effect she was hoping for, one imagines.)

It would seem that, if you want to be a Golden Girl, you have to wear a Golden Grill. Not long ago, Rihanna provided the world with an Instagram shot of her mouth with a gold-plated grill in the shape of an AK-47. Beyoncé, meanwhile, has a vampire-inspired grill. specialist cosmetic dentist london Miley Cyrus told Harper’s Bazaar that she carries three in her bag, including her “chill grill,” a simple gold bar that she affixes to her bottom teeth like she might put a bangle on her wrist. (She contributed to the the new Mouth Moment big time with her raunchy VMA performance, which saw her wagging her decked-out tongue a number of times, presumably so we would wag ours about her.) Others who have bitten into the trend: Kim Kardashian (who tried on a grill in an episode of her reality show), Lana Del Rey (who recently accessorized with one gold tooth cap, proving that there’s such a thing as understated mouth bling) and budding Madonna-like shape-shifter Justin Bieber…read more


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