The Role Of Bone Grafts In Dental Implant Procedures

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Dental bone grafts are a common procedure performed to increase bone density in areas of the mouth where dental implants are desired. These procedures focus on oral bone that is not visible, or the bone that lies within our gums and is the foundation for our teeth. Across the globe, dental bone grafts have been performed to solve dental issues for decades…When seeking to replace a missing tooth or teeth, you have a few options: dentures, bridges or dental implants London.same day teeth london

If you choose to receive dental implants,affordable dental implants london the basis for a non-removable denture or a dental crown, you may require a dental bone graft procedure. Patients who require bone grafts prior to receiving implants often have jawbones that have been worn down by infection, gum disease, or prior tooth extraction. Due to this erosion, dentists must perform bone grafts in order to build up bone foundation so that it will keep implants attached and secure. If you have a good amount of gum tissue and a healthy jaw line, you do not need to worry about receiving a bone graft before dental implant dentist london

The dental bone grafting procedure may sound scary, but it is fairly simple. It is a surgical procedure, but you will feel nothing while the bone grafting is occurring (you will receive an anesthetic or in some cases, sleep sedation). During the procedure, the area to be strengthened will be infused with some type of bone graft material, either natural or synthetic, depending on what the dentist determines is best for your particular needs. In most cases, the grafting material is taken directly from the patient’s mouth or elsewhere in the body. affordable cosemtic dentistry london

The purpose of dental bone grafts is to stimulate bone growth in the jawbone near the implant area. This not only strengthens the area of bone that has previously deteriorated but can deter further bone loss from occurring. If given adequate space to reconstruct, bone tissue has the ability to reform entirely. Therefore, the grafted material a patient receives with surgery is eventually completely replaced by natural bone. This strengthens the jaw and provides a solid and stable base for dental implants. A sunken facial jaw line, missing teeth, and mouth pain are undesirable and are completely avoidable situations that no person should have to bear. If you have been told by your dentist that a bone grafting procedure is necessary to build up the underlying bone in your mouth in order to avoid further bone loss or as a means to support dental implants, there is no reason to be alarmed. The procedure can be done relatively quickly and easily, with a short recovery time and minimal discomfort. But the results of the procedure can provide you with the basis for a healthier and more beautiful smile….read more

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