Tips for keeping beautiful cosmetic smile

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Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is not just beneficial for your smile but it is also helpful for your general health. Achieving this goal starts by avoiding bad habits and by following few simple tips to help you keeping your smile beautiful and healthy for a lifetime.

  1. Brush twice a day and floss regularly: Brushing in the morning and before bedtime will help clearing the teeth surface free of plaque. Plaque is harmful to the teeth and over time it can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Plaque, overtime, turn to tartar, which can only be removed by professional teeth cleaning. It is recommended, however, to avoid brushing straight after drinking acidic drinks e.g. fizzy drinks and orange juice…Acids can lead to tooth wear that may cause significant problems and dental treatments like cosmetic veneers and cosmetic dental bonding. Brushing does not cover the inter proximal surfaces of the teeth roughly about 35% of tooth surface. This can only be reached by flossing. Daily floss is needed to clean in between the teeth.
  • 2- Visit our dental clinic for your annual check-ups: Regular dental visits are a vital part of maintaining a healthy smile. Scheduling and keeping these appointments allows our cosmetic dentist to find early signs of problems like tooth decay gum disease. Regular teeth cleaning by our hygienist to remove harmful bacteria-containing tartar. Missed dental visits can lead to dental emergencies or complex problems that may require more invasive procedures to correct.
  • 3- Use a straw or brush more often: Wine, coffee, tea, and other darkly pigmented foods and drinks are notorious for staining teeth. Using a straw when possible or brush immediately after consuming them to help prevent this.
  • 4- Use your mouthguard & Biteguard regularly: It is not uncommon for sports related trauma to cause significant damage to the teeth and gums. As such break and tooth loss can occur. This may result in the need for expensive treatments like root canal treatment or dental implants. The use of a custom made mouthguard can protect your teeth and prevent such dental injuries. On the other hand, teeth clenching and grinding is well known condition associated with TMJ disease. The use of custom made biteguard can protect your teeth for the harmful effect of teeth grinding.
  • 5- Teeth straightening: Different types of orthodontic treatment can help straightening your teeth. This can be provided by using conventional braces, clean braces and/or invisible aligners. Straight teeth makes their maintenance easier. This can also be followed by teeth whitening for a nice fresh bight smile
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