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GEORGE ELIOT said: “Wear a smile and have friends. Wear a scowl and have wrinkles.” However, the findings of a new study suggest that when it comes to a grin we’re a choosy bunch. A report from the University of California which looked at smiling in the workplace has discovered that it is strategic. best dental implants london

Men and women in powerful positions will happily smile at the people lower down the pecking order but their expressions are not so pleasant when confronted by other high-fliers. Best cosmetic dentist london

It suggests that “important” people try to exert their dominance by not appearing too friendly towards those who might be a threat but have no such qualms about appearing approachable to those who lack authority. affordable dental implants london

But if a picture is worth a thousand words then a grin can have a multitude of meanings. Our body language expert JUDI JAMES takes us through what celebrities’ expressions say about them. affordable cosemtic dentistry london

Enigmatic KATE MOSS is giving a master class in flirting. It is subtle but smouldering with direct eye contact to hold your attention. The sensuality comes from the slight pout plus the upward lip curl at one side. This suggests that she is sharing a joke – although it’s obviously a very private one. Cheap dental implants london
OM CRUISE gives a dazzling TCB (taking care of business) grin, meaning it’s hugely bankable but also vastly performed and choreographed. Honed to within an inch of its life, this is rigid in part but also full of manly signalling. The stretched top lip displays a line of perfect teeth and the piercing eyes are narrowed with the brows drawn into a frown, as befits the ideal action-man
This brilliant, contagious smile helps PRINCE HARRY get away with all sorts of naughtiness. His piercing gaze hints that he’s keen to involve others in his fun. His wide, upward-spread mouth shape elongates his chin, suggesting he’s a bit of a joker, but the lack of a display of teeth lets us know he’s keen to keep something hidden as well. dental implants price london


Pinging a pose for the camera JULIA ROBERTS stretches her mouth wide with an extreme display of flawless upper teeth but there’s little narrowing of the upper and lower lips, which creates a sensual and approachable impression. Her eyes are alive with an expression of excitement, rather than narrowed into a crescent shape as normal, meaning that she manages to project childlike innocence and womanly sexuality at the same time….read more
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