What are the benefits & cost of all on 4 dental implants?

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At London Smile Care, we receive many enquiries about the all on four dental implants procedure.

Usually patients ask if the procedure work, what is the benefit of this technique and clearly what is the cost.


What is the All On Four Dental Implants?

This type of immediate dental implants procedure is used to replace all missing and heavily broken teeth in the jaw in a day.

The all on 4 dental implant procedure involves placement of 4 to 6 long dental implants to support a fixed bridge in a day.

The implants are placed in a special technique to avoid complex bone graft procedures like maxillary sinus lift and to avoid touching important nerves in the back of the lower jaw.

The bridge is usually fitted in the same day hence the procedure can be referred to as same day teeth.


Is there a difference between All on Four and other conventional dental implants?

The all on four procedure aim to use the minimum adequate number of dental implants to support a cosmetic fixed dental bridge.

Conventional dental implants involve placing more dental implants resulting is higher cost. So all on four dental implant provide a cheaper dental implants bridge.

Other kind of dental implants are using 2-4 implants to support a removable cosmetic denture. This can provide acceptable teeth replacement with secure cosmetic denture attached to the implants with more economic dental implant cost.


All on four dental implant – are they successful?

For any procedure to be successful full clinical and X-ray examinations are needed before deciding on the case.

It is crucial that you choose implant surgeon who has he experience and the long term success to provide such life changing procedure.

Dr Daoudi a specialist dentist with 20-years experience with dental implants can advise you on your suitability for the procedure.

Dental implants are considered as long term treatment option.

Complications are higher with patients who smoke and has a history of uncontrolled gum disease and with some systemic problems like uncontrolled diabetes.


The bridge fitted on the surgery day is a provisional bridge that need replacing after many months of implant healing.

The definitive bridge, like any restoration, can be subject o wear and tear and need replacing after many years of service.

Regular maintenance visits are strongly recommended to maintain the health of the dental implants and restorations.


Are there any contra-indications to the all on four dental implants?

Yes, for this procedure you need to have reasonable amount of healthy bone allowing placing the implants securely in the jawbone and to fit the bridge all in one day.

Some clinical conditions like if you have bleeding or bone problems it can be a contraindicated.

However, you may still be a candidate for the implant treatment but to take place over stages i.e. having the surgery first, allow the implant to heal then to have the final fixed bridge fitted.


So what is the the cost of all on four dental implants?

The cost of this type of procedure varies per case and the number of used implants, type of the final bridge ..etc

At London Smile Care we only use reputable dental implants and the treatment is provided by Dr Daoudi, specialist dentist.

Occasionally a mix of bone graft and implants are needed which can affect the cost. In general, the cost is cheaper than conventional dental implants as it uses less implants and it is quicker with a smile in day result. As a guide it is about £14500 per arch.


For the best advice, please contact Dr Daoudi, specialist dentist with your questions

Thank you for your reading London Smile Care blog

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