What factors affect dental Implants cost?

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A dental implant London is special screw made of titanium made. It is inserted into the jaw bone surgically. Once healed, the tooth implant can be used to support a fixed cosmetic crown, dental bridge or a removable semi-fixed cosmetic denture London.

The cost of dental implants to replace missing teeth varies considerably from patient to patient, but it’s fair to say that your initial investment as a patient into dental implants London will be higher than other tooth replacement options. However, the length of service provided by the dental implant(s) would make them comparable to any tooth replacement option on cost.

Dental implants provide excellent service with the final restorations look and feel as close as possible to the real teeth. This will help with function chewing food, speech, smile, quality of life and boosting confidence

Here are some factors that affect dental implants cost London

– How experience is your dental implant dentist? 

Simple cases of dental implants can be provided by dentists who undergone additional training in this field of dentistry. This would include both the surgical and restorative aspects of the treatment.

However, there are evidence that the chances of complications are significantly higher with dentists starting to provide this type of treatments. Furthermore, there are other demanding cases where extra expertise will be needed to facilitate implant placement and / or restoration. With those cases seeing a specialists can be the answer for peace of mind and to make sure that your investment will have a better chances of success both short and long term.

You can check the qualifications of your dental implant dentist through the General Dental Council website

– What type of dental implant will be used with your case?

The market is saturated with cheap dental implants companies. Each claiming to provide a good tooth replacement. However, cheap dental implants London may not be associated with the high quality of treatments we offer at your clinic.

We are proud to offer the best dental implants available in the market with years of research and good support not just for now but for the years to come. Even high quality dental implants occasionally requires parts support which are guaranteed with the dental implant systems we use like Strumann Dental Implants, Bredent and Dentsply.

– How complex is your implant case? 

For dental implants to work predictably a good amount of healthy bone is needed. However, if your case was more complex with the need for bone graft procedures or sinus lifts procedure that means additional materials and treatment time for your case with extra additional dental implants costing. So check carefully with your dental implants dentist who can carefully assess your case and advice accordingly

– Would I need sedation for my dental implant surgery?

The majority of dental implant surgeries are performed under local anaesthesia. So no different to having a large filling or to have a tooth extracted. However, some patients may find the procedure overwhelming. Different types of sedations are offered at London Smile Care to facilitate the surgery including oral sedation or intravenous sedation. There is a slight addition to your dental implant cost for the expertise of the sedation doctor and used medication.

– Would the number of missing teeth affect dental implant cost?

The simple answer is yes. The more teeth you missing the more implants you need and that affect the cost.

However, Dr Firas Daoudi, specialist dental implant dentist always try to reduce the cost for patients by offering less number of implants to support a fixed bridge without compromising on the final outcome. One example is the use of all on 4 dental implants london, same day teeth that allow replacing all missed teeth in one jaw using 4 dental implants. This allow replacing all those missing teeth with only 4 dental implants at lower cost.

– Why it is cheaper to have my dental implant treatment abroad? 

It is very difficult to compare the treatments provided by registered local dental implant dentist in the UK to those operating overseas.

The General dental Council provide assurances about the qualifications of those surgeons who offer the treatment. In addition, you will be treated by a surgeons who you can see within reasonable notice for any support and maintenance service.

Dental implants are long term tooth replacement option. They will need servicing and unless you have reasonable access and knowledge of the used dental implants your investment ay not work as anticipated. Remember if it is too good to be true it may not.

For any questions, please feel free to contact London Smile Care

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