What is a Dental implant and how much does it cost?



The title of this blog is one of the most common question we receive at London Smile Care.

If you have one or missing teeth dental implant may provide the best replacement option for your case.

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root typically made of titanium. It is inserted into the jaw bone via surgical procedure to support a cosmetic crown, a fixed dental bridge or cosmetic denture.

Once the dental implant inserted, the jaw bone will gradually heal around and fuse to it. This process is called osseointgration and was first described by  professor Branemark from Sweden.

Dental implants have many attractions including:

• No need to cut the adjacent teeth to replace the missing tooth.

• Implants can be the last chance for eating and speaking properly. Once again, you can eat the food that you enjoy.

• Live with confidence due to improving appearance.

• Some people can’t use removable cosmetic denture however hard they try and however hard the dentist tries to make the dentures a good fit.  Implants keep a denture very stable.

• Implants preserve the jaw bone and stop further bone deterioration.

The dental implant procedure usually necessitate two surgeries. The first to prepare a channel in the jawbone and to place the implant. The second surgery take place after a healing period.

On many occasions both surgeries can be combined in one.

Once the dental implant healed, an impression of the teeth and implant(s) will be recorded.

A specialist technician build the cosmetic crown to be fitted over the dental implant replacing the missing teeth and boosting confidence.

The dental implant cost varies significantly between countries and range for nearly 4000 dollars in the USA to 900 in Asia.

But what factors can affect the cost of dental implant?

For dental implant to be successful careful initial assessment is needed to establish the available bone.

This can include the use of advanced and costs CT-scan

This lead to the type of needed surgery to insert the implant which may involve complex bone graft procedure e.g sinus lift procedure and possible gum graft procedure.

Occasionally multiple implants placed at the same visit to replace missing teeth. Normally, this help reduce the applied fee.

Theses days there are many dental implant manufacturer. The cost is depend on the used brand, material and the used abutment post and final cosmetic crown.

The particular specialist implant dentist’s experience can also affect he dental implant cost.

Should you have any question about dental implant, please contact Dr Firas Daoudi specialist prosthodontist.

We will be happy to answer any of your questions. Please call for a quote for your case.

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Thank you for being wonderful patients and friends to London Smile Care.

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