What is the procedure for all on 4 dental implants?



Are you considering all on 4 dental implants procedure to replace your missing or broken teeth?

We hope this blog will provide you with some information about the procedure.

We have many blogs to inform the patients about the different dental implant procedures that could be used to replace missing teeth.

In a previous blog, Dr Daoudi, specialist dentist  presented a the all on 4 dental implants.

In this blog, a description of the procedure is presented.

The all on 4 dental implants procedure is used to replace all missing teeth in the jaw arch. It can be used to replace already removed teeth or those that about to be extracted.

This would include the immediate placement of typically 4 tooth implants in the lower jaw and 4-6 dental implants in the upper jaw to support an immediately fitted fixed dental bridge.

The All on 4 Dental Implants Procedure:

The assessment stage: Careful assessment will be needed before committing to the all on 4 dental implants procedure.

Dr Firas Daoudi, specialist dentist with 20 years of experience with dental implants will be evaluating your mouth by performing various diagnostic tests.

This will include clinical and radiographic (X-rays) examinations.

History collection of the causes that led to tooth loss is crucial. For example gum disease that caused tooth loss can also affect dental implants and special precautions need to be taken to avoid similar outcome.

Dental examinations will help assessing the healthy of the mouth tissues and any remaining teeth. Eliminating any present abscess will be needed prior to committing to the tooth implant procedure.

Furthermore, this will allow assessing the patient’s expectation and what can be achieved. This will also include conducting careful smile analysis, photo recording and impression measurements of the teeth and gum. Where possible, the patient will be asked to provide old photos of the smile and teeth.

The X-ray examination may include a possible CT scan. This will provide accurate measurements of the amount of available bone in your jaw and its density highlighting any needed bone graft. A highly specialise software can be used to provide a surgical guide to help with dental implants placement in the correct location and angulation.

At this stage, Dr Firas Daoudi, a specialist dentist will present his recommendations to the patient.

Once agreement is reached on how best to proceed with the case including arranging any needed finance payment to facilitate payment towards the dental implants procedure, the preparation stage can commence.

This preparation stage will include processing a temporary removable cosmetic denture prior to the dental implant surgery.

This new cosmetic denture will be converted to provide a personalised fixed cosmetic bridge fitted immediately on the day of the surgical placement of the dental implants.

The surgery stage: On the surgery day, we recommend that you wear something comfortable for the procedure. Some anxious patients prefer to have sedation for this procedure.

The entire process is relatively quick and you will leave with your new teeth in position and ready to use.

Following administering local anaesthesia, a careful incision in made to reflect the gum. Four channels are prepared in the jaw bone to place the dental implants. The area will be stitched ending the surgery stage. Then the cosmetic denture will be converted to a fixed bridge.

It is important to note that your newly fitted cosmetic dental bridge is temporary as your dental implants still need time to heal and integrate with your jawbone. Your gums and jawbone should be fully healed after three to six months.

Once healing is completed, Dr Daoudi will commence processing the definitive cosmetic bridge.

This new bridge will be stronger and fit more comfortably for many years of service.

Please forward your questions about smile in day to Dr Firas Daoudi.

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Dr Firas Daoudi our specialist dentist will be happy to answer your questions.

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