When to remove wisdom teeth: How long can i wait if the dentist said to get my wisdom teeth removed someday?

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When to remove a wisdom tooth and what you should think about when deciding to have it removed.

The choice to have your wisdom teeth removed and when to have it done is a very important one that may affect the future of your dental health. Wisdom teeth (also known as Third Molars) may start to appear around the age of 17. It is recommended to have your wisdom teeth evaluated as soon as they appear or between the age of 17 and 19. Many times a cosmetic Dentist London will recommend having them removed if they pose a problem or may cause one later.

Many people do not have room for wisdom teeth. Lack of room would cause the tooth to push on other teeth and may cause them to grow in sideways or facing the cheek. Even with room, it still may be difficult to reach them to brush and clean. If not properly brushed they will develop cavities and/or gum disease as with any implants London

If the tooth comes through partially, only exposing an edge or corner, this would cause an eruption in the gum. A break in the gum would allow for small particles of food to become trapped in the pocket, which would later cause cyst or infections. An infection would cause further decay of the wisdom tooth. If this is the case, then the tooth should be removed immediately.

In other cases the tooth will not be exposed at all. The tooth would become what dentist call “impacted” and may cause pressure at the root of another tooth. The pressure to another tooth could then cause harm and destruction to the supporting bone. In time, further damage would be caused to surrounding teeth. Resent research suggests that over 80% of all people have at least one impacted wisdom tooth.

If you do decide to have your teeth removed, have them removed as soon as possible. Many dentists recommend having the teeth pulled before age 20 as the jaw and bone are still growing which makes extraction easier and healing will be more rapid. However the older you get, the more difficult it is to pull the tooth and the risk for nerve damage is also raised.

As with the risk of keeping your teeth, there are also risks for having them removed. After removal, pain and swelling will occur. Since the teeth are so close to the back of the jaw, soreness and pain may also occur when opening or closing your jaw. Removal may damage other dental work (bridges, crowns) as well as the root of a near by tooth.

There is still a strong standing debate on whether it is worth having the tooth removed before it causes trouble or to wait until it becomes bothersome…dental implants London  Studies show there are many people out there with misaligned or impacted wisdom teeth have had no trouble at all. Most cases show that if the trouble doesn’t happen before age 30, that there should be no complication with the teeth in the future.

Here are some good reasons to have your wisdom teeth removed:

You have a medical condition that may get worse in the future and you do not wish to worry about a wisdom tooth.

You are going to have orthodontic work done and you don’t want your wisdom tooth to push any other teeth out of alignment.

You want to avoid any future dental problems.cosmetic dentist London

Your insurance covers the procedure and you may not have the option to remove them in the future.

You are young and removing them now would be easier and with less risk then removing them later.

You know you will not have enough room for them to come in.

Here are some good reasons to not have your wisdom teeth removed:

Your insurance does not cover the procedure.

You are over the age or 30 and have not had any issues with them so far. The risk of an issue in the future is small.

You wish to avoid damaging other cosmetic dental work with the removal.

You would rather wait for an issue to arise before trying to resolve it.

The choice to remove or not to remove is up to you. It’s all a matter of weighing the difficultly and pain in the extractions to the difficulty and pain of infections, cyst, and possible bone and gum damage. If you chose to have them removed, do so as soon as possible…read more

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